Difficulties Face EFL Learners in Comprehending and Using English Phrasal Verbs at Secondary Level


  • Amani Eltayeb Hassab Elrasoul Mohammed

الكلمات المفتاحية:

Phrasal verbs – difficulties – comprehend – recent – cope-with


Phrasal verbs are essential to comprehend and communicate with native
speakers, it is clear that phrasal verbs is one of the problematic areas for EFL
learners therefore, this study aims to investigate the difficulties that face EFL
learners in comprehending and using them. The study adopted the descriptive
analytical method. The data of the study were collected by means of a
questionnaire. The sample of the study consisted of (50) EFL learners at secondary
level – Hasahisa locality – Gezira state. The statistical packages for social science
program (SPSS) was used for analyzing the data. The study reached many
important results: most of EFL learners find difficulties in comprehending and
using phrasal verbs at secondary level. Also internet is full with various materials
related to phrasal verbs. Based on those findings the study recommended: EFL
teachers should help and encourage their students to comprehend and use phrasal
verbs. Besides both EFL teachers and students should search using internet to
comp with and follow the least and most recent and up-to date concerning English
grammar and phrasal verbs.