The Role of Classrooms Interaction in Developing Student's Motivation in Language Learning


  • Suhaib Osman Ahmed Alsaleh


This study aims to present the importance of classrooms interactive creating
effective learning, and analyze the problems of student interaction, in addition, it
aims to use methods and techniques of teaching the English language which can
create interaction. The analysis has led: Teachers’ follow-up improves students’
production interactive in classrooms, classrooms not equipped with modern
teaching aids, motivation learning assistance EFL teaching and learning in
interactive, technology in the classroom motivates students to learn the English
language. The study recommended: Teacher selected material can have a positive
effect on interactive overall understanding of the language and can increase their
communication skills, teachers should vary their teaching techniques as they will
serve in motivating learners and stimulating their interest, teachers, and students
together create a classroom situation that makes the students feel comfortable to
initiate an interaction using English.