The Role of Translation in Enhancing EFL Learners’ Communication Skills Across the Culture


  • Alhabeeb Ahmed Khaleel University of Al-Butana

الكلمات المفتاحية:

role of translation، cross-cultural communication، communicative skills


The study aims at investigating the role of translation in enhancing EFL
learners’ cross-cultural communication skills and developing their translation skills
through translation activities. The study adopted the descriptive analytical method.
A questionnaire was distributed for data collection. The sample of the study is
consisted from hundred (100) EFL learners of Arts who were selected randomly
from two Sudanese Universities, namely from University of Gezira fifty (50)
learners and from University of Al-botana, fifty (50) learners. Then the collected
data were analyzed by using SPSS program. The study reached many results the
most important of which were: language and culture are taught together, because
language presented as apart from culture of the target language which selected to
be learnt, translation enables EFL learners to cross-culturally communicate,
practicing translation improves EFL learners’ translation skills, a good translation
should fulfill the same purpose in L2, EFL learners develop interpretation through
translation, practicing translation activities enhances learners’ comprehension
skills, translation develops EFL learners’ communicative skills and EFL learners
improve cultural background through translation .Based on the previous results the
study recommends: EFL learners should be enabled to cross-culturally

communicate while learning process and should develop their cultural background
through translation