A Case Study( Secondary Schools Teachers, Hasaheisa Locality, Gezira State, Sudan2022


  • Manar ElTyeb Tajadeen University of Al-Butana


This study aims at investigating techniques used in improving EFL
learners’ aural and oral skills, evaluating teachers’ role in improving learners’
aural and oral language skills. The study adapts the descriptive analytical method.
The data were collected by means of a questionnaire from fifty (50) of EFL
teachers who are teaching at secondary level schools in El-hasaheisa Locality,
Sudan. Then the collected data were analyzed by the SPSS program. The analysis
led to the following findings: as a result of traditional teaching techniques many
EFL learners find difficulties in performing aural and oral language skills,
learners can develop oral aural skills mostly through audiovisual aids, creating
dialogues in English language improves EFL learners oral abilities, using authentic
material in EFL classroom improves oral aural la zanguage skills, questioning
strategy develops learners speaking skills, classroom management helps teacher to
create classroom time talking and using modern technology develops EFL learners
oral aural language abilities. Based on the results the study recommended the
following: EFL learners should be taught through audiovisual aids, students
should be encouraged to make dialogues in English language, EFL teachers should
present authentic materials in the classroom for developing EFL learners
performance in speaking and listening, questioning strategy should be practiced to
develop learners speaking skills, classroom management should be done in away
that helps teacher to create classroom time talking and modern technology should
assist EFL teaching and learning.