A Case Study of Secondary Schools, Alhasahiesa Locality, Gezira State, Sudan


  • Safa AbdAlla Alkalifa Hamad Alneel University of Al-Butana

الكلمات المفتاحية:

teaching literary texts, improving critical thinking skill, cultural background


The study aims at improving EFL learners‟ critical thinking skills and
enriching their cultural background through teaching literary texts. The study
adopted the descriptive analytical method. The population of the study was the
EFL teachers of secondary schools in Alhasahisa Locality. There were two
hundred and twenty (220) teachers in Alhasahiesa. The questionnaire were
distributed to fifty (50) of them as a sample who were randomly selected, for the
data collection. Then the collected data were analyzed by the SPSS program. The
results indicate that: many EFL learners are not critical thinkers as they are weak in
language skills, teaching literary texts enhances EFL students‟ critical thinking,
teaching literary texts enhances EFL learners‟ cultural background, teaching
literary texts enhances students‟ interpretation abilities, reading literary texts
sharpen EFL students‟ sense of responsibility and teaching literary texts enhances
EFL learners‟ writing skills. The study recommends: EFL learners should be
enabled to develop critical thinking skills, they also should be enabled to develop
cultural background, exposed to authentic texts and they should gain the skills of
writing through reading literary texts.