Using Translation in EFL Classes to Enhance Learners’ Interpretation Skills


  • Mawaddah Ibrahim Min Alseed Mohammed University of Gezira

الكلمات المفتاحية:

translation، enhancing learners، interpretation، facilitating teaching and learning


This study aims: to enhance EFL learners’ interpretation skills by using
translation and identify the role of translation in facilitating EFL teaching and
learning. The study adopted the descriptive analytical method. The data for the
study was collected by means of a questionnaire that was distributed to fifty (50)
EFL University students. Then the collected data were analyzed by the SPSS
program. The study came out with the following results: using translation in EFL
classes develops learners’ interpretation of L2 concepts, translation enhances EFL
teaching and learning processes, translation helps EFL learners to perform the
language confidently, translation improves learners’ communicative skills, and
develops their linguistic competence. The study recommended the following:
translation should be used in EFL classes to facilitate the teaching and learning
processes, EFL learners should practice translation for enhancing their
interpretation of L2 concepts, and learners should be able to perform the language
confidently. EFL learners should be able to develop linguistic competence through
translation and learners should develop interpretation skills through translation.