The Role of Using English Phrases in Reducing EFL Sudanese Speaking Anxiety


  • Muntasir Mohammed Elhadi Elnor Mohamed University of Gezira


This study aimed at using the role of English phrases that reduce Sudanese
learners' anxiety in communicating of English language in Sudanese
Universities .To achieve the aims, the researcher used the descriptive analytical
method , sample consisting of (20) teachers form Gezira University. Data were
collected through a teacher's questionnaire. University teachers respond to the
statements of the questionnaire which preparation by the researcher through
reliability and validity. Data is treated by descriptive statistics and includes
frequencies and percentages. The study revealed that pair work reduces
impeding the thoughts of EFL learners in communication skill ,using Phrases
help EFL learners to overcome the problem of communication anxiety, and
topic for debates enhance the participation of learners in communication skills
.The researcher recommended avoiding mother tongue in teaching reduces
learners anxiety and varying of teachers techniques in side lecture room
reducing EFL learners anxiety .